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Charleston, SC has a long and proud history, and also has a booming current market for new and used heavy equipment for sale. At Pacific Coast Iron, we are Charleston’s #1 trusted used heavy equipment broker, and we can help you get the great deals you deserve on the used heavy equipment you need for your business’s success! Let us help you find the used heavy equipment for sale that your business needs to be able to grow and succeed, at prices that will fit into your company’s budget.

Buying Used Heavy Equipment In Charleston

We have a large amount of heavy equipment already in stock in Charleston, SC and in our locations nationwide, so you can be relatively certain of finding what you need already at our low prices. However, if we do not have what you are looking for in stock, there is no need to go looking elsewhere; we will help you find the best deals available on the exact pieces of heavy equipment that you need, at the prices you are looking to spend.

Selling Used Heavy Equipment In Charleston

We also inspect all the equipment that we bring into our inventory as well as the equipment that is sold by other sellers through us, so that you can buy from Pacific Coast Iron with confidence and peace of mind. We know that its hard finding the right piecce of equipment for the right price, thats why not only do we inspect the equipment but if its within range we can also personally test the equipment to make sure its exactly what your looking for and everything is in working condition. If the perfect piece of heavy equipment happens to be far away, we will ship it to you at low cost, taking advantage of our infrastructure and network of locations to drive the price of transportation down, and we even offer financing on shipping costs in order to keep costs lower for you. Give us a call today at 916-933-6050 and fill out our online request form to find out more ways that Pacific Coast Iron can help you get the heavy equipment for sale you need in Charleston, SC!