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compaction equipment rentals sacramento

Compaction Equipment Rentals in Sacramento for every surface type

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If you need to compact the soil down, there are many different options of equipment you can choose. Compacting the soil is necessary for all sorts of construction work, since you simply cannot build a solid foundation for anything on loose soil that is liable to shift and move. Unless you are actually digging all the way down to the bedrock, you need some sort of compaction equipment to give you a firm, stable surface that you can work on. You need to know that whatever you are building won’t move, and your customers and clients need to know that they can trust you to build a totally stable building with a solid foundation that is simply not going to move.

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Depending on what kind of soil you are working with, what sort of construction job you are doing, and even what sort of funds and equipment you have at your disposal, there are different kinds of compaction equipment that you might consider using. Here at Pacific Coast Iron, we have them all. Check out the different options you have and then give us a call to talk about your compaction equipment rental needs.

Tandem Vibratory Rollers

Tandem vibratory rollers with solid drums are used when compacting asphalt. The two drums vibrate at specific rates that you get to choose, to get the asphalt to a uniform, specific density. With many tandem rollers, there are systems that constantly monitor the density of the asphalt and adjust the vibration of the rollers. This allows the machines to achieve uniform density while avoiding over compaction of the asphalt. There are also models which use proprietary software and GPS to capture a digital record of the compaction. This allows you to show your client what you did and prove to them that you did a thorough, high quality job.

If you are looking for tandem vibratory rollers, call Pacific Coast Iron today. We will direct you with the correct roller you need to do your job and achieve your goals. Let us help you build your business and make your clients and customers happy.

Vibratory Soil Compactors

Vibratory soil compactors are used to compact the soil and create a solid base layer of dirt that can then be built upon. Vibratory soil compactors are more effective than regular rolling compactors because the vibration helps to compact the ground more thoroughly and more uniformly. When it comes to building a reputation on high quality work and getting the job done quickly, the cost of renting a vibratory soil compactors is well worth it.

Soil Compactors

Non-vibrating soil compactors are ideal to use on graded sand, asphalt, gravel, crushed rock, or any other place where crushing needs to happen. Since these compactors work more by weight than by vibration, they will demolish any larger pieces and particles that are keeping the surface from achieving a uniform density. Unlike vibrating compactors, roller soil compactors will not wiggle the ground or surface into place to make the particles fit in with each other. This makes rolling soil compactors effective for different jobs than vibrating soil compactors. If you need to finish a surface and make it completely smooth, a rolling soil compactor is exactly the piece of equipment you need.

We have many soil compactor options available, here at Pacific Coast Iron. Give us a call today for a free estimate and to reserve yours!

Pneumatic Rollers

Pneumatic rollers are what you want for your bottom layers of compaction. These kinds of rollers have rubber tires on both axles, which are staggered to ensure that all parts of the surface you drive over are compacted. You can adjust the weight of your tires to achieve the compaction level you want. Pneumatic rollers are best for surfaces that are loose, have different sizes of particles and pieces, and do not need a perfectly polished top surface. Use a pneumatic roller to get the bottom layers of compaction done and make sure your work site is level and stable, before you use one of the other kinds of rollers to get the top perfectly smooth.

If you are looking for pneumatic rollers to rent, you have come to the right place at Pacific Coast Iron. Call today for a free estimate and find out how we can help your company!

Landfill Compactors

If you need to compact down landfill waste, you need something heavy duty that can crush and break up any and all large pieces. You don’t need a perfectly smooth surface. Landfill compactors use static weight, textured wheels to break up lumps, clumps, and solid chunks. They also have a bucket or some other method of pushing the trash in front of them so that the driving surface is relatively flat before compacting it. If you have trash that you need packed down, this is the piece of equipment for you.

Let us help you with your next landfill compactor rental. Give Pacific Coast Iron a call today for your free estimate!