Buy Used Heavy Equipment

Buy Used Heavy Equipment

PCI will find you the perfect piece of Construction Equipment Quickly and within your budget.

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Our experienced staff at Pacific Coast Iron know your time as a contractor is valuable. We handle every aspect of the buying process including inspections, shipping, all paperwork/documentation, and payment. For a low fee of $500 per machine we can find you the perfect piece of construction equipment quickly within your budget, so you can put it to work right away!

We typically save our clients a tremendous amount of time and money. Trust Pacific Coast Iron to be your ultimate used construction equipment purchasing resource.

Pacific Coast Iron, a leading Used Heavy Equipment Broker, was started to bring an all-in-one buying/selling solution to contractors. Our goal is to bring the highest level of service as being a valuable asset to our client’s business, saving them time and money. Although we are still a relatively new business enterprise, our young, energetic and aggressive staff focus on developing lasting relationships with all of our clients.

If you are a local client or across the country, you can count on our superior staff members to deliver the most professional and quality construction equipment services. It doesn’t matter how big or small the machine is that you are looking to buy or sell, Pacific Coast Iron is your answer! We are your ultimate used construction equipment sales destination!