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Pacific Coast Iron is your all in one heavy equipment broker in Australia. We offer unmatched broker services including everything from payment, shipping, equipment washing, financing on the shipping and all for the same fee other brokers charge. There are not many heavy equipment brokers that have the capability to get equipment from the continental US to Australia, and with our top of the line transportation services we can let you take advantage of the great deals on used construction equipment that happen every day all over the world. Of course, we have a wide variety of used construction equipment already in stock that you can select from for your construction business. If you do not see the piece of equipment you need, there is no need to worry; we will find it for you at the price that fits into your business’s budget, and we will ship it to you at low cost to yourself. In addition, we offer financing on shipping costs to lower the up-front cost to you even more, so that you truly can get the best deals out there on used construction equipment in Australia. If you are wanting to sell your used heavy equipment in Australia, we also offer great services that will benefit your business.

For sellers:

We also offer many services for people looking to put up their heavy equipment for sale in Australia. If you need to sell equipment today, we are the top Used Heavy Equipment Broker in the industry to start moving the equipment you need to get off your lot. We have such a large international customer base we can quickly sell your used heavy equipment and used construction equipment and get you the most return out of your equipment. We can sell any equipment you need whether it be used skid steer, used backhoes, used cranes or any other machine you need to sell. Pacific Coast Iron will list your heavy equipment for sale in publications and advertisements all over the country, so that you will be able to get a buyer who will pay a high price for your used heavy equipment. At Pacific Coast Iron we will do whatever is necessary to take care of our customers and make sure they end the process with the piece of used heavy equipment they want for the price that makes them feel comfortable. We offer unmatched broker services for customers in Australia and will do anything to make sure the customer leaves the sale satisfied knowing they got the best deal possible. We also offer appraisal services if your looking to sell equipment and dont know exactly how much to price it for. With our years of experience buying and selling equipment we can help price your equipment to sell quick and get you the most return.

For Buyers:

When you are looking to buy or sell used construction and used heavy equipment contact Pacific Coast Iron! We have all the resources and experience necessary to help you buy and sell all the equipment your company will need. The staff at PCI knows exactly what it takes to make a deal go through and get the most money for the machine. We offer the most complete and comprehensive services by any heavy equipment broker in Australia and we invite you to see how we can save you time and money with used heavy equipment broker services. We also offer inspection services if your looking to buy a piece of equipment thats not in our inventory. We can go inspect the machine, take 100’s of photos, videos and test basic functions of the machine. You can benefit a lot from using Pacific Coast Iron, whether you are looking to buy used heavy equipment or to sell used construction equipment. Because of our international locations and network of buyers and sellers, we are able to bring you a wide range of construction equipment products at low prices, no matter how inflated or depressed your local market might be. We get every piece of equipment inspected to ensure the buyer they are getting the best piece of equipment and get the seller the most money for the equipment. If you happen to find a piece of equipment that is in a different country and needs to imported we can organize to get the machine washed to ensure it passes an inspection. Give us a call today at 916-933-6050 to find out why we are the best used heavy equipment broker in Australia!