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Pacific Coast Iron has grown to become the most reliable and professional used heavy equipment broker in Africa. We continue to bring low hour, late model equipment to Africa. Whether you need an excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, crane, skid steer, trucks or any other piece of equipment you may need, PCI can bring it to you. We have years of experience buying and selling used heavy equipment both in the US and internationally including Africa. We have a very large customer base that expands to every continent to ensure our buyers we can find them any machine they need at any price. We also have connections with multiple logistics company guaranteeing we can ship you your machine at an affordable price. We also offer financing on the shipping costs to bring you a lower up front cost and make the whole process easier. We have experience selling in many parts of Africa including Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Chad, Mozambique, Ghana, Zambia, and Jordan but we can help you whether or not you live in those parts.

We stock all the top manufacturers including Link Belt, CAT, CASE, VOLVO, Komatsu, International, Kenworth, Hyundai and any other manufacturer you trust with your hard working business. PCI isn’t exclusive to contractors, if you need a piece of equipment for personal use we can help you too. Sometimes, the right piece of equipment is the machine that only performs that one function, but does it better than any multi-purpose piece of equipment could possibly do. At other times, it would be better to get the multi-purpose equipment, especially if you will have other projects that will also require the same piece of multi-purpose equipment with a different attachment. At Pacific Coast Iron, you can rely on us to help you make the best decision for your business, both in terms of functionality and in terms of what your business can afford.

Having been in the construction industry for years we understand after so many hours the machines start to have issues and slow down your work, and the crew at PCI understands that this can lead to huge losses in money and give you a bad reputation. This is why every piece of equipment Pacific Coast Iron sells is inspected and if the buyer lets us, we will even test the piece of equipment. If thought of using a heavy equipment broker may make you a bit wary:

Buying Used Heavy Equipment:

•We help you find the best deals out there. Buying and selling used equipment is what we do, so rather than spending your valuable business time combing through advertisements and haggling with individual sellers, you can trust us to find the equipment you need at a price you can afford, while you go on to doing what you do best: running your own business.
•Buying used equipment directly from a seller always has a bit of risk. The equipment might be damaged or it might be worn out, and you may not know it until the sale is complete and you start working with it. At Pacific Coast Iron, we inspect all the equipment that is bought and sold through us, so that you can buy with confidence that your used heavy equipment will not need repairs before you start your next job with it. Third, the equipment you need is not always available to you locally, or your local market may have skewed prices for one reason or another that would make it economically unfeasible to buy used equipment locally. At Pacific Coast Iron, we have a nationwide network of buyers and sellers, to get the equipment you need at a price that fits your budget, wherever that piece of equipment might be now. We also offer inspection services if your looking to buy a piece of equipment thats not in our inventory. We can go inspect the machine, take 100’s of photos, videos and test basic functions of the machine.

Selling Used Heavy Equipment:

•Let’s talk about the price you are going to be able to get for your used equipment. If you just advertise it yourself, you are likely to sell to someone in your local pool of buyers, and the price you will get is limited in that way. If you list your equipment with a heavy equipment broker like Pacific Coast Iron, on the other hand, you will be able to get visibility nationwide. We will get you the best price possible for your used heavy equipment, often at a much higher price than you could get selling yourself, because we are a trusted broker and our buyers know the quality they are getting with us. We also offer appraisal services if your looking to sell equipment and dont know exactly how much to price it for. With our years of experience buying and selling equipment we can help price your equipment to sell quick and get you the most return.
•You will save a lot of time by choosing a heavy equipment broker to sell your equipment. We will deal with everything from listing your equipment to talking to potential buyers and even filling out all the necessary paperwork. Your time is valuable and is better spent making money for your business, so if you count up the opportunity cost of not using a heavy equipment broker, you will see that in fact you really can’t afford not to!

With the multi-billion power projects going on in Africa its possible your equipment might not be able to keep up or you may be expanding your crew. When this happens you can trust Pacific Coast Iron to find you a bucket truck, crane, dozer, or any attachment you may need for your machines. Contact us today at 916-933-6050