Sell Used Heavy Equipment

Sell Used Heavy Equipment

Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. is your premier used construction equipment broker!

Need to sell one or multiple machines fast, but don’t know what price to ask in today’s changing market? Maybe you just don’t want to dedicate your valuable time trying to sell your used equipment?

Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. is your premier Used Heavy Equipment Broker! In today’s heavy equipment market there are many trends that change frequently as a result of our fluctuating economy and new emissions laws. These trends are constantly changing the way that we have to sell, market, and price construction equipment.

Our staff of aggressive and experienced sales representatives stay in touch with the fluctuating market trends to better serve our clients. We handle the entire sales process from start to finish so you can maximize your time spent on the job site where it belongs.

If needed, we also offer free storage for your machines at our yard located in Placerville, CA for as long as you are using Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. as your broker. Our clients get all these extra benefits for the same fee as most regular brokers charge.

With Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. you never sacrifice quality for affordability. We offer outstanding quality customer services at prices that other brokers can’t compete with!