Heavy Equipment Repair Sacramento

Construction & Heavy Equipment Repair in Sacramento, CA

Heavy Equipment Repair Sacramento
Heavy Equipment Repair Sacramento

We specialize in all aspects of Construction Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. has a full staff of highly experienced and professionally trained technicians ready to serve you and all your equipment service needs. We specialize in the following services mentioned below. No matter the make or model you need service on, our highly trained technicians are ready to keep you moving.

Hydraulic Ram Rebuilds

Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. has a full-service hydraulic cylinder rebuild shop. We can service up to a 12″ diameter hydraulic cylinder at any length. Our expert technicians possess all the tools and knowledge necessary to rebuild your rams for a fraction of the cost of big shops and dealers.

Hydraulic System Repair and Rebuilds

Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. also offers full hydraulic pump and motor rebuild services. Our technicians can diagnose and rebuild or repair any hydraulic pump or motor at a price that fits your budget. Contact us today for a quote today.

Engine System Diagnosis and Repair

If you are having engine problems with your construction equipment, Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. is here to serve you. Our technicians have years of experience in diagnosing, repairing, and rebuilding almost every diesel engine manufacture including Cat, Deere, Cummins, Perkins, Isuzu, Detroit, Volvo, Komatsu, Bobcat, Yanmar, and many more. Contact Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. today for a diagnosis and estimate on your diesel engine today.

Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

If you are having electrical problems with your machine, turn to Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. for all your diagnosis and repairs. Our expert staff of technicians know every electrical system inside and out. Let us save you time and money! Give us a call for an electrical system diagnosis today.

Pin and Bushing Replacement

Is your machine getting sloppy? Let us replace your worn out pins and bushings to avoid more costly repairs. Worn out pins and bushings can also greatly hinder a machines productivity and quality of operation if not replaced when needed. Call us today to get a quote on a pins and bushing replacement today.

Undercarriage Repair and Replacement

Whether you need sprockets, rollers, track chains or grousers, Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. can help. We stock many undercarriage parts from quality manufacturers like Berco and ITR. We also offer a full-service undercarriage repair and replacement facility. Our technicians have years of experience doing undercarriages on also any type and size of machine. Give us a call for a quote today!

Equipment Paint and Body Services

Pacific Coast Iron, inc. offers a full service paint and body repair facility. We have the capacity to paint almost any size machine. Whether it be a skid steer or a haul truck we offer prices and a quality of work that is unmatched by our competition. Give us a call for a paint quote today!

500-2000 HR Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance is the most important component to the ownership of a piece of equipment. Maintaining your equipment keeps equipment running smoothly and productivity high as well as avoiding costly repairs. Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. offers 500-2000HR factory quality maintenance packages for every machine. Our professionally trained technicians are fast and efficient to get your machine serviced and back on the job site where it belongs.  Call us today to order your maintenance package today.

Attachment and Auxiliary Hydraulic Installation

Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. can install almost any aux hydraulic system for any machine. Whatever your needs may be Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. can install a quality system that meets your budget. Call Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. to build your aux system today!

Tire and Track Replacement

We offer OEM quality rubber tracks, tires and pads at prices that are the lowest in the industry. We can ship direct to your door or you can bring your machine to us and have our technicians replace them for you. Trust Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. for all your rubber needs today!

Glass Replacement

We offer quality glass replacement for almost any piece of equipment out there. If we don’t have the pieces in stock we can have them made specifically for your machine. We offer polycarbonate/high impact as well as traditional glass replacement. Call Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. for your window replacements today!

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Whether you are exporting or just want to clean your piece of equipment after a long job, Pacific Coast Iron, Inc. can meet your equipment cleaning and detailing needs. Cleaning is great for preventative maintenance as dirt and dust can wear on hydraulic cylinders, filters, seals and hydraulic lines. Keeping your machine clean will help your key system last longer. We use biodegradable cleaners along with industrial pressure washers to bring your machine back to looking its best. Cleaning your machine also keeps you from a costly ticket from the highway patrol when in transport. Turn to Pacific Coast Iron for all your equipment detailing needs today.