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Used Heavy Equipment Middle East

Used Heavy Equipment for Sale in the Middle East

Pacific Coast Iron is the leading used heavy equipment broker in the Middle East. If you are looking for any piece of equipment no matter size, hours, manufacturer or anything else we can help you. We have grown to become the most reputable and most reliable used heavy equipment broker in the Middle East. We carry an extremely large diverse customer base from whom we can find or sell any piece of used heavy equipment. We have experience in Lybia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Syria but can find equipment for you to buy in any part.

Buying Used Heavy Equipment:

For buyers, we help you find the construction equipment you are looking for at a reasonable price that you will be able to afford, and we make sure that it works and is in good condition so that you will not have to worry about getting a lemon or a broken part. We can also get you any additions you might need to your heavy equipment, if you need any customizations or to have your equipment perform additional functions for you. Whether you need a used dozer, used light towers, or used asphalt equipment in the Middle East, PCI can find it for you. We also offer inspection services if your looking to buy a piece of equipment that’s not in our inventory. We can go inspect the machine, take 100’s of photos, videos and test basic functions of the machine.

With the heavy equipment broker services of Pacific Coast Iron, you can get the heavy equipment you need to be able to do your job, all without having to spend hours online searching through seller listings, going through the hassle of haggling and negotiating, and without having to risk getting equipment that is faulty in any way. We ensure this by personally having the machine inspected, along with oil tests and pictures, to guarantee the machine will work for you without problems.

Selling Used Heavy Equipment:

If you are selling, on the other hand, we will list your equipment in publications nationwide and make sure to find you a buyer who is willing to pay a high price for your used heavy equipment. We can also take care of transporting your equipment to the buyer, making it possible to sell heavy equipment no matter where your buyer happens to be. In an area as big as the Middle East, even an in-country sale can be a long-distance sale, so this is a very valuable service! We will list your heavy equipment in advertisements and publications all over the country, and find a buyer who will pay a high price for your used construction equipment. We will take care of all the paperwork and will get the equipment to the buyer, taking it off your hands with no further effort from you.

If you are unsure exactly what size machine you need for your next project or just want to upsize we can help you with that too. Sometimes, the right piece of equipment is the machine that only performs that one function, but does it better than any multi-purpose piece of equipment could possibly do. At other times, it would be better to get the multi-purpose equipment, especially if you will have other projects that will also require the same piece of multi-purpose equipment with a different attachment. At Pacific Coast Iron, you can rely on us to help you make the best decision for your business, both in terms of functionality and in terms of what your business can afford.We also offer appraisal services if your looking to sell equipment and dont know exactly how much to price it for. With our years of experience buying and selling equipment we can help price your equipment to sell quick and get you the most return.

We offer a wide range of construction equipment, from dozers to lifts, asphalt and aggregate equipment to cranes. We also offer attachments to add to your heavy equipment to make it more versatile and ensure it can do the job you need it to do. Whatever job you need done, we can help you get the equipment you need to make it happen. Just let us know your requirements and any other pertinent information, such as your ideal budget, and we will get you the heavy equipment or construction equipment you need!

No matter what your companies needs Pacific Coast Iron can help you get the machine you need at a price your company can afford. Contact us today at 916-933-6050 and fill out our online request form to see all the ways we can help your company today.