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We specialize in Used Heavy Equipment in the United Arab Emirates

Whether you are looking at buying heavy equipment or selling heavy equipment, you will save both time and money by going through a heavy equipment broker, rather than doing it yourself. There is no need to buy construction equipment at factory prices, when so much of it is available at a fraction of the retail price from businesses that do not need it anymore, companies that are going out of business, and companies that are switching their business focus. At Pacific Coast Iron, our job and our goal is to get you the best price out there for the heavy equipment and used construction equipment that you need. We have a nationwide network, which allows us to get equipment to people who need it wherever they are. This is a significant benefit compared to other heavy equipment brokers that are limited to local supply and demand. Whether you are buying or selling, Pacific Coast Iron can get you the equipment you need at a great price, or can get you a high price for your used equipment that you want to sell, by connecting you with the right buyer or seller.

Selling Used Heavy Equipment:

When selling used equipment we will list your item and make sure that you get a high price for it, and you will not have to spend any time worrying about selling your used heavy equipment. With a listing from Pacific Coast Iron, you also get listed in every major construction and heavy equipment industry advertisement listing, all at no up-front cost to you! In fact, our commission is just the standard 5% brokerage fee that you would pay anywhere else, with a quality that no one else matches or exceeds.

When it comes to moving machines between buyers and sellers, we also offer financing for this, so that you are never out more money than you can afford, and so money is not a barrier to you getting the heavy equipment and construction equipment that you need! We have customers in multiple countries around the world who are constantly looking through us to purchase equipment, which will help you sell your machine quickly. We always make sure to negotiate to the best of our ability to get sellers the most money for their equipment and never finalize the sell without your say, that your willing to accept the price. When you work with Pacific Coast Iron to sell heavy equipment in the United Arab Emirates, you get our guarantee that we will work as hard and long as needed to make sure you get exactly what you need out of your equipment and keep you coming back to us for all your buying and selling needs. We also offer appraisal services if your looking to sell equipment and don’t know exactly how much to price it for. With our years of experience buying and selling equipment we can help price your equipment to sell quick and get you the most return.

Buying Used Heavy Equipment:

When your ready to buy we have a wide selection of reasonably priced used pieces of equipment, whether you are looking for a single item or for a while fleet. Also, we have an enormous network of suppliers and affiliates, so if we do not have an item in our inventory we will still be able to get it for you at a low price that will fit in your business’s budget. We also offer inspection services if your looking to buy a piece of equipment that’s not in our inventory. We can go inspect the machine, take 100’s of photos, videos and test basic functions of the machine. Whether you are in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere in between, Pacific Coast Iron can get you the used construction equipment and used heavy equipment that you need.

It doesn’t matter what part of the UAE you are located Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, or Sharjah Pacific Coast Iron is the right heavy equipment broker for your needs. If you are buying, you can spend hours and days of valuable business time combing through ads looking for the right piece of equipment, and then have no guarantee of whether it will work, or if a part on it will be broken. If you are selling, you can put an ad up and then have your equipment sit there for a long period of time while you wonder if it will ever sell or not, and once it does sell you will be very lucky to get your asking price for it. With a heavy equipment broker such as Pacific Coast Iron, these problems will be solved for you. Contact Us at 916-933-6050 and fill out our online form and see all the ways we can help you.