Arborist Chipper Range

Terex chippers are the most reliable and productive chippers on the market today. They have a chipper diameter range of 6”-21” and come in weights from 1,900Lbs. – 12,000Lbs. Terex produces these machines using a rear pivoting feed system making it more productive and they have an extremely durable drum. These chippers are a great investment for home use, rentals, landscapers, and arborists.

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Terex Stump Grinders

Terex walk behind stump grinders are available in two models; The small yet powerful TSG511 weighing in at 300 Lbs. and the TSG530 which weighs in at 1700 Lbs. The TSG 511 is designed for getting into tight areas such as small gardens or getting through narrow fences and gates as it is only 25” wide, while still offering to cut unlimited stump diameters. The larger 538 is ideal for large stumps with a powerful yet efficient 38 Hp. and a 37” operating range. These machines are incredibly user friendly with easy to use joystick controls and a protective shield to help the operator from getting injured.

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The Terex Trommel’s are available to customers who are looking to have a trommel to handle almost any piece of material, Sand & Gravel, Top Soil, Compost, Wood By product, and Construction & Demolition waste. We currently offer the PH900 Trommel. The PH900 is a towable compact trommel with a 3.5 Ton capacity.

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Terex Skid Steer Loaders

Terex Environmental are exceptionally versatile, and can works in a multitude of applications including landscaping, ground preparation, forestry, house building and road maintenance. These are available with open or closed cab in models from 60 HP-111HP. These skid steers are developed with specially made Terex crawler tracks and feature a low ground pressure system and multi-tier suspension system to make for a smoother ride on any terrain.

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