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Pacific Coast Iron is proud to serve the Indianapolis, IN area with great prices and high quality in heavy equipment for sale. If you are looking for heavy equipment for sale in Indianapolis, IN, we have what you are looking for at Pacific Coast Iron!

Who is Pacific Coast Iron? We are a nationwide used heavy equipment broker, committed to getting our buyers great deals on the used heavy equipment they want to buy, and our sellers high prices on the used heavy equipment they want to sell. How are we able to accomplish this? By taking advantage of the differences in local markets for used heavy equipment. The price of used construction equipment varies depending on supply and demand, such that areas that have high demand for construction are going to have very high prices on buying used heavy equipment. Auctions and local dealers are going to sell you used construction equipment at higher prices than you need to pay, when demand is high in your area.

Selling Used Heavy Equipment In Indianapolis

When it comes time for you to upgrade your fleet or sell the old machines your not using anymore we can do it all for you. We handle each sale with unrivaled customer service and dedication. Pacific Coast Iron can get you more money in your pocket in less time than using any other broker, auction sites or personally selling the equipment. Our sales team has years of sales and construction experience and knows where to market your equipment and how to move it quickly.

Buying Used Heavy Equipment In Indianapolis

When you go through a nationwide broker to be able to get better deals on the heavy equipment you need for your business, where you can buy your used heavy equipment from someone who is in an area that has less demand for construction. On the other hand, areas that have low demand for construction or roadwork are going to have lower prices on used heavy equipment, so sellers in this area are going to be better off going through a used heavy equipment broker where they can get higher prices for their equipment than they would be able to get locally. Contact us today at 916-933-6050 to find out exactly how we can help you buy or sell used equipment today!