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Pacific Coast Iron is proud to be the number one trusted used heavy equipment broker in Milwaukee, WI, and your place of choice to shop for heavy equipment for sale! With our low prices and great service, it is no wonder why so many people choose us for their heavy equipment needs. We take advantage of used heavy equipment market factors such as supply and demand all over the country in order to bring you great deals on the used heavy equipment your company needs to grow and thrive.

Buying Used Heavy Equipment In Milwaukee

We will be happy to do a custom search for you if you need a piece of equipment that is not already present in our inventory. Just let us know what your company’s budget is for the used heavy equipment you want, and the piece you are looking for, and we will connect you with a seller who is willing to sell that equipment for that price. In addition, if you need the equipment transported to you, we offer transportation services, and we even offer financing on the transportation costs in order to lower the price tag for you. It is our goal to bring you great low prices on the equipment you need, and that is exactly what we do at Pacific Coast Iron.

Selling Used Equipment In Milwaukee

Many customers ask us if we have specific recommendations for selling heavy equipment for sale in Milwaukee, WI. We do have some recommendations that will help you have a good experience and will make sure you get what you need. The most important is to make sure that you have the equipment inspected before you sell. Heavy equipment must be properly maintained or it will become easy to damage, and you do not want to earn a reputation of selling equipment that is broken or has not been maintained. Pacific Coast Iron will take care of this step for you, putting both the buyer and sellers mind at ease knowing a quality piece of equipment is being sold.