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Used Heavy Equipment Broker In Minneapolis

Shopping for heavy equipment for sale in Minneapolis, MN, can be a stressful prospect, and it can be just as difficult when you are listing your heavy equipment for sale. Pacific Coast Iron is here to make both these tasks easier for you so that you can save money and focus on running your construction business in the MSP metro area instead of wasting hours trying to buy and sell used construction equipment.

As your number one trusted used construction broker in Minneapolis and MSP, we will make sure that you can save time and money, that you get a great deal on the construction equipment you want to buy, and that you get a large return on investment on the construction equipment you want to sell.

Selling Used Heavy Equipment In Minneapolis

If you are looking to sell construction equipment in the Minneapolis, MN area, there are some important tips and tricks that will help you get top dollar for your machinery. First, make sure that it is cleaned up and in presentable condition. Fix any cosmetic problems it might have so your buyers will not wonder what else is wrong with it. If there is anything wrong with it, by all means make those repairs so your buyers will get a working piece of equipment! Lastly, list your used heavy equipment in Minneapolis with Pacific Coast Iron so that we can find a buyer for you who will be willing to pay a high price for your equipment.

Buying Used Heavy Equipment In Minneapolis

Not only does Pacific Coast Iron carry a large selection of any piece of used heavy equipment you may need, we are also authorized Terex Environmental Dealers and sell the complete Generac line for the smaller equipment needed to take your company to the next level. Do not leave it up to chance or an auctioneer; put your heavy equipment up for sale with a trusted used construction equipment broker with a proven track record. Contact us today at 916-933-6050 and let us find you the used heavy equipment you need.