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Used Heavy Equipment Broker In Portland

At Pacific Coast Iron, we are thrilled to be able to serve the Portland, OR area in local business’ needs for heavy equipment for sale. There are many reasons to buy and sell used in Portland, OR, and it is one of our priorities to make sure that our customers have the highest quality in used construction equipment at the lowest prices.

Buying Used Heavy Equipment In Portland

By buying used heavy equipment, you are being environmentally responsible, putting old equipment to use that might otherwise have just sat and just rusted over the years. You are also able to save a lot of money as compared with buying new, and many times the equipment you can get is just as good as new. Many companies replace their equipment or update their fleet when there is nothing wrong with their equipment, just because they want to keep new equipment at all times.

You can take advantage of this practice by buying their used equipment at a much lower price tag than you would have been able to at retail price. Of course, it is important that you inspect the heavy equipment you are thinking of buying to make sure that you are getting good quality and will not be stuck with a piece of equipment that is broken or has not been well maintained. When buying used heavy equipment for your Portland, OR business through Pacific Coast Iron, you do not need to worry about this, as we will inspect the equipment and ensure that you will be getting a great investment for your company.

Selling Used Heavy Equipment In Portland

Having originated just hours from Portland, PCI understands that times in the construction industry can be tough and if you need to sell a piece of equipment or upgrade every machine in your yard Pacific Coast Iron is here to help. We can help you by organizing shipping, financing shipping, and inspecting the equipment to ensure buyers it is working correctly and get you more money. Another concern for Portland, OR businesses selling used heavy equipment is making sure your machine is up to current emissions regulations. We also take care of this for you by staying apprised of current regulations, so that we can help you make a good decision for your business both financially and environmentally.