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Used Heavy Equipment West Virginia

Used Heavy Equipment For Sale In West Virginia

At Pacific Coast Iron, we know that business owners in West Virginia care about making the best decisions for their companies and that getting a good deal on used heavy equipment is very important! That’s why we make it a point to find you the lowest prices on the heavy equipment you need for your business. Pacific Coast Iron works with various locations all over the country and has set up a vibrant network of buyers and sellers from coast to coast, in order to get our customers the best deals out there on used heavy equipment. All markets are unique, but they all essentially behave the same: when demand is high for new construction, as it is in West Virginia, then prices on heavy equipment are also high and you are likely to spend a lot on a machine. By buying equipment when demand is low, we can offer the best prices to our customers and make sure they get the machine they need.

That is where Pacific Coast Iron comes in. We find you the best deals, we inspect the equipment, and we ship it to you. We even offer financing on transportation costs to keep the up-front cost to you as low as possible. No matter if the equipment you need is located in the state or in a different country we can set it up for you. When you work with us you get the reliable manufacturers you trust including Caterpillar, Skyjack, Cummins, Vermeer and the backing of the most trustworthy heavy equipment broker around today. If you are looking for the best deals on used heavy equipment in West Virginia, call Pacific Coast Iron LLC at 916-933-6050 and trust us to take the hassle out of buying and selling!

Buy used Heavy Equipment in West Virginia

Our experienced staff at PCI knows your time as a contractor is valuable. We handle every aspect of the buying process including inspections, shipping, all paperwork/documentation, and payment. For a low $500 fee we will find you the perfect piece of construction equipment quickly and within your budget, so you can put it to work right away!

Sell used Heavy Equipment in West Virginia

Need to sell one or multiple machines fast, but don’t know what price to ask in today’s changing market? Or maybe you just don’t want to dedicate your valuable time trying to sell your used iron? PCI is your premier used heavy equipment broker! In today’s heavy equipment market there are many trends that change frequently as a result of our fluctuating economy and new emissions laws that are constantly changing the way that well have to sell, market, and price construction equipment.