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Save money using a heavy equipment broker

How can you save money using a heavy equipment broker?

Doesn’t a middle man cost more, and wouldn’t you be better off just finding the deal yourself and cutting out the broker fee? There are two very important reasons why using a heavy equipment broker is a wise financial decision for your company and why you will always save money by using a heavy equipment broker.

First, a heavy equipment broker like Pacific Coast Iron has a nationwide network of buyers and sellers, as well as a large inventory of heavy equipment already in stock, so if you are buying you will be able to get the best deal without being limited by location or transport costs. If you are selling, we will get you the highest price for your equipment, and again you will not be limited by your location. If the market for new construction has gone down in your area, you may have a hard time selling your used construction equipment locally; this is why you should use a heavy equipment broker to connect you with buyers nationwide.

Second, at Pacific Coast Iron we believe in the phrase “time is money,” and we recognize that your time is valuable.

You can make a lot more money by spending your time running your business, than wasting it combing ads for used heavy equipment deals. With a heavy equipment broker, you will be able to save time, which will save you money by letting you get back to your business. We will take care of finding the equipment you need, making sure that it is in the good condition and working order you require, and getting the equipment to you. Our 5% broker fee is small change compared to the amount of money you would have lost out on by spending the time doing that yourself.