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Different Classes Of Excavators

Many people question what size excavator they need to rent for a certain job or what size they should buy to pay off in the long run. Pacific Coast Iron is here to help answer any questions you may have and help clear up the differences between the 3 main classes of excavator(Mini, Midi, and Hydraulic) and talk about when you may need different sizes.

Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators are the smallest class of excavators weighing in at 9,999 Lbs and under. Mini Excavators always have rubber tracks, a small dozer or back-fill blade and are often referred to as compact excavators. Mini Excavators are most often used for Utility Trenching(electrical, water or sewage), home projects(gardens or small footings), tree planting, and can be used for almost any project that requires a light footprint or getting into tight places.

Midi Excavators

Midi Excavators and the mid size weighing between 10,000 – 19,999 Lbs. Midi Excavators sometimes share commonalities with the Mini Class as they sometimes offer rubber tracks, dozer or back-fill blade, and zero to little tail swing. Midi Excavators are great for working in tight areas that still require performance of a bigger machine. Midi Excavators are commonly used for digging swimming pools, larger trenches, and highway or roadside projects.

Hydraulic Excavators

The last and largest class is simply known as Hydraulic Excavators, they are 20,000 Lbs and above and always has metal tracks. Hydraulic Excavators have a wide variety of uses thanks to the many attachments available such as thumbs, hammers, breakers, compactors, grapples, hydraulic sheers to cut steel, and drills. Hydraulic Excavators are constantly being changed and updated for use in different more urban areas such as the zero tail swing. Excavators of this size are used for large dirt moving projects, mining, digging large footings, demolition, landscaping and forestry work.

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