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Used Heavy Equipment Inspection and Appraisal Service

Being a heavy equipment broker Pacific Coast Iron noticed a lot of customers needed help selling or pricing equipment without actually listing that equipment with us. Because of this we started offering Inspection and Appraisal services, to offer customer more services. If you are in the market to sell a piece of equipment whether it be a dozer, excavator, asphalt equipment or skip loader, we can help you appraise your equipment so you can sell it fast and get more money out of it. If you are looking to buy a piece of equipment that’s not in our inventory, we offer inspection to ensure the machine your buying is worth the cost and will continue to work as you need it.

Used Heavy Equipment Appraisal

We know the construction equipment marketplace is constantly going up and down with the economy as well as other variables. Determining what your machines are worth in today’s economy can be a daunting task for a contractor. Since we are constantly buying and selling equipment we know the market and all the current trends in the construction industry that reflect equipment value. We provide you with not just an appraisal but an in-depth analysis on why that market is reflecting the value we are giving you. We will also provide examples of equipment that have sold recently that are similar to yours. We will make sure you get the most money out of your equipment and still move it quickly and efficiently whether you are using us or not. When you work with Pacific Coast Iron you are getting the best customer service in the heavy equipment industry and we provide you with the lowest prices around. We will work with you to appraise your equipment as quickly as possible to get your deal finished.

Used Heavy Equipment Inspection

Pacific Coast Iron also offers fully independent inspections of all construction equipment. Whether you’re buying a piece of machinery through us or another party we offer full inspections of almost any piece of equipment. We offer basic packages all the way up to oil analysis.  Our team knows it’s tough to buy a piece of equipment online without having an opportunity to see the machine in person. When you use our inspection services we take hundreds of photos, videos and visually inspect and test all the main systems. After the inspection is completed we will give you a complete chart of all the tested systems on the machine so you can make a decision. One of our team members will also contact you to discuss the results and answer any questions you might have. We will finish your inspection as quick as possible and get you the lowest price possible. Contact Pacific Coast Iron today today to set up your inspection and appraisal.