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Used Cranes for Sale

At Pacific Coast Iron, we always have used cranes in stock for construction business owners like you who are looking for a great deal on a trustworthy piece of equipment. Whatever kind of crane you are looking for we can get it for you, whether you need a carry deck crane, a boom truck crane, a conventional truck crane, a rough terrain crane, a crawler or dragline crane, a tower train or an all-terrain or hydraulic crane. We also carry all the major brands of cranes, including Terex, Link-Belt, and Grove, among many others.

No matter what particular crane you are looking for, you will be able to find it used and at a great value at Pacific Coast Iron! If we do not have the exact piece of used heavy equipment you are looking for in stock, we can find it for you and get it at a price that fits your budget. In addition, if you have used cranes for sale, we will list them for you and find you a buyer who will pay a high price for them, so that you can get your investment back on your cranes.

View our selection of used cranes here.

Why buy and sell used with Pacific Coast Iron?

There are many reasons why this would benefit your business, as it has benefitted many in our over 9 years of service. Buying used lets you get a much lower price on your heavy equipment than you would be able to if you bought it at retail, and we visually inspect all the equipment that passes through our hands to make sure it will be serviceable to you. Selling your used equipment is also beneficial to you if you are going to upgrade, as it will let you get part of your investment back. Contact Pacific Coast Iron today at 916-933-6050!