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Heavy Equipment Maintenance tips

When you own heavy equipment or construction equipment, maintaining it properly is vitally important. This is expensive equipment, and you need to make sure that it works perfectly for a very long time to come. Just like a car, truck, or any other motor vehicle, your heavy equipment has to have routine maintenance done on it to keep it in working order and to prevent any damage from being done to it. Here are some tips for keeping your heavy equipment properly maintained.

Safety of everyone working on or around the heavy equipment

Make sure that all the equipment is powered off and the brakes are set. In addition, the wheels should have blocks placed under them to prevent them from beginning to roll in case the brakes fail. Safety is the most important priority. In addition, only licensed professionals should attempt maintenance on heavy equipment to ensure safety. One of the things to check for in heavy equipment maintenance is any leaks in engine oil or hydraulic fluid. If there are any leaks, they must be repaired immediately and the fluid must be replaced. Hydraulic fluid, of course, allows the hydraulic lifts to perform well and engine oil lubricates the parts and prevents damage. If any leaks are noticed during operation, the heavy equipment should be turned off immediately and should have heavy equipment maintenance done on it. Failure to do so could result in an expensive break, or even a malfunction that endangers the safety of workers.

Making a Maintenance Schedule

Write down how often the equipment needs to be maintained, and create a schedule for when each piece of equipment will be maintained before problems occur. In addition, there should be a note placed in the piece of heavy equipment itself noting when it is next due for maintenance, so that it is not accidentally forgotten. Contact Pacific Coast Iron today at 916-933-6050 to find out more about equipment maintenance and inspection.