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Machines Used in Construction

Pacific Coast Iron is a leading heavy equipment broker specializing in helping companies buy and sell their used heavy equipment and used construction equipment. We work with a wide variety of heavy machines and machines used in construction to make sure that our clients have the equipment they need to run their business.

So what sort of machines are used in construction?

Skid Steer

Skid Steers are one of the most versatile machines in the construction industry. With any attachments from forks, 4in1 buckets, augers, breakers, and more, skid steers can help with any job by just switching attachments.


The crane is another popular piece of construction equipment that is mainly used for deconstruction. Cranes are operated by a series of cables that lower and lift materials and are mainly used on projects dealing with temporary structures.

Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader is a type of construction equipment that has a front bucket or shovel and a small backhoe in the rear. And the entire piece of equipment is combined with a tractor. A backhoe loader has a comparatively small frame which allows the driver to have more control over its movement. Because of its relatively small size and easy maneuverability, the backhoe loader is great for small construction projects. It works well in urban areas for projects such as road repair. In fact, they are one of the most popular types of construction vehicles used in urban areas.


A loader is another type of construction vehicle that is also known as a bucket loader, front-end loader, scoop loader, or front loader. Essentially, a loader is a tractor that uses a front mounted square bucket connected to the end of two arms to scoop, lift, and move materials. Materials often transported with a loader include asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, feed, gravel, logs, recycled materials, rock, sand, wood chips, and so on. Loaders are frequently used to move material to another type of machinery such as a dump truck, conveyor, open trench excavation, or rail car.


An excavator is a general type of construction and engineering vehicle that has an articulated arm and a bucket and a cab that is mounted on a pivot. Excavators have a variety of uses for both farm and construction work. Some of the projects excavators can assist in include digging trenches, holes, and foundations, handing materials, cutting brush, performing forestry work, demolishing structures, gardening, landscaping, heavy lifting, mining, dredging river, and driving piles.

And a specific type of excavator is the compact excavator. A compact excavator is a tracked or wheeled vehicle that usually has a backfill blade and an independent boom swing. Many compact excavators function on hydraulic fluid, which means that the vehicle’s work group and blade are activated by hydraulic fluid that is acting on cylinders. This hydraulic function of the compact excavator set it apart from other types of construction equipment.


A forklift is a high-powered vehicle used to lift and transport heavy items and materials. Forklifts come in many varieties of sizes and load capacities. The majority of forklifts are not used in construction projects, but rather in manufacturing facilities or warehouses that require frequent lifting and transporting of heavy materials.

Road Roller

A road roller is also known as a roller-compactor and is used mainly in road construction but can be used for a variety of other purposes including compacting soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt. In some parts of the world, road rollers are commonly known as steam rollers. Road rollers are commonly used with pavers that are used to spread asphalt on roadways.

How We Can Help

As a construction equipment broker, Pacific Coast Iron connects people who want to buy heavy equipment and sell heavy equipment, no matter where you are. You can shop locally through Pacific Coast Iron by clicking on any of the cities listed, to see what machines used in construction are available in your local area. Or, if what you need is not available locally, you can search our inventory to see if we have it in stock, or look nationwide to see what sellers have listed it. If you need a piece of construction equipment moved, even over a long distance, do not stress; Pacific Coast Iron offers this service as well, and we even offer financing so that the moving service is not such a big cost to you up front.