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Selling Equipment on your own or choosing a heavy equipment broker

One of the questions that many people have in the construction business is, when it is time to get rid of an old piece of equipment or upgrade your fleet, should you sell on your own or choose a heavy equipment broker? Brokers cost fees, and many business owners feel that they can save money by not paying a broker fee to sell their heavy equipment. The truth is that there are many reasons for choosing a heavy equipment broker to sell your used heavy equipment or used construction equipment. We are here today to talk about just a few of those reasons.

A couple reasons why choosing a Heavy Equipment Broker is Important

•Price: If you just advertise it yourself, you are likely to sell to someone in your local pool of buyers, and the price you will get is limited in that way. If you list your equipment with a heavy equipment broker like Pacific Coast Iron, on the other hand, you will be able to get visibility nationwide. We will get you the best price possible for your used heavy equipment, often at a much higher price than you could get selling yourself, because we are a trusted broker and our buyers know the quality they are getting with us.
•Convenience: By choosing a heavy equipment broker to sell your used equipment. We will deal with everything from listing your equipment to talking to potential buyers and even filling out all the necessary paperwork. Your time is valuable and is better spent making money for your business, so if you count up the opportunity cost of not using a heavy equipment broker, you will see that in fact you really can’t afford not to!