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Shipping heavy equipment out of state

There are many reasons to choose Pacific Coast Iron, and our transportation services are one very important such reason. Say you have been shopping online for some used construction equipment, and you found the perfect one on Pacific Coast Iron, but it is several states away. Or say you have been trying to sell a piece of used heavy equipment and have managed to do so with the help of Pacific Coast Iron, but the buyer is out of state. What then?

At Pacific Coast Iron, we are happy to ship heavy equipment out of state.

Pacific Coast Iron knows it is highly unlikely that when you buy used equipment it will be in a different state. We are connected with a long list of transporters to keep costs to a minimum and ship items as fast as we can. In addition, we also offer financing on our heavy equipment transportation to help to make it affordable for you. Why would you need to ship heavy equipment out of state? There are quite a few reasons why this might be necessary for your business.

Your local used construction equipment market may not have the item you are looking for.

Your local market may also have overvalued or undervalued prices for one reason or another. For example, if the local demand for new construction is extremely high, then you are going to see high prices and may therefore want to buy out of state. On the other hand, if the local demand for new construction is low, you are probably going to see low prices on your used construction equipment and may therefore want to sell it out of state for a higher price. Whatever your reason for shipping heavy equipment out of state, Pacific Coast Iron can help you do it efficiently and affordably!