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Heavy Equipment Paint and Body Services Sacramento

Construction Equipment Body and Painting Services in Greater Sacramento, CA

A shiny coat of paint is the hallmark of a brand new piece of equipment. When the paint looks shiny and new, you get a feeing that the equipment is pristine. You can count on it to do the job you want it to do. There is just something that feels really good about seeing a big piece of machinery with a shiny, pristine coat of paint.

But paint is about a lot more than just making a piece of equipment look good. Paint is also an important protective layer. Most heavy equipment gets used in dirty environments, and there is a lot of grit that can really wear down metal. Moisture causes metal to corrode. There are a million things on a work site that threaten the well-being of your equipment if it does not have a protective coating. When your equipment has a new coat of paint with no scratches or worn spots, there is no room for water to get in and corrode the metal underneath. Any grit you encounter on the work site will wear away at the paint, but it won’t get down to the steel underneath for a long time.

At the same time, paint does eventually wear away. The rigors of the work site will eventually cause your coat of paint to get worn off by grit and degraded by sunlight. The first sign you get that this is happening is that the surface stops being shiny. Your equipment starts to look dull, even when it is perfectly clean. If you are not careful, you will start to see rust spots and corroded spots pop up, as the paint wears down to the metal and the elements take advantage of the opportunity to do a number on your machine.

If your heavy equipment is starting to look ragged, we can help you at Pacific Coast Iron. We provide thorough painting services, from cleaning and blasting all the old paint and corrosion off to applying and finishing the new coat of paint. If you have custom colors, let us know. We are more than happy to paint your machinery in your company brand colors, so that your entire fleet matches.

Here at Pacific Coast Iron, or goal is to make sure you can meet your own goals with your heavy equipment. When your goals include having shiny, new construction equipment that is thoroughly protected from the elements, Pacific Coast Iron is the paint resource for you!