Hydraulic System Repair Sacramento

Hydraulic System Repair Sacramento

Hydraulic System Repair and Rebuilds Sacramento

If you have a hydraulic system, at some point or other you will find that the machinery does not work as well as it used to. No matter how great your machinery is, at some point you will start to see it lose power. It will be harder to lift and lower things. You may start to notice jerkiness as your machinery moves. These are all signs that your hydraulic system needs to be repaired.

Fortunately, the problem is probably very simple. You need your o-rings and your seals to be replaced. These little rubber seals help to seal up the hydraulic cylinder so that it maintains pressure and does not let air out. If they start to get cracked or damaged, air gets let out and the hydraulic cylinder loses its power.

The good news is that it is theoretically simple to fix this problem. All you have to do is to take apart your hydraulic cylinder, take out all the rubber seals and o-rings, and replace them with new ones. The bad news is that while this process is simple in theory, it is actually fairly difficult in practice. Hydraulic cylinders tend to be extremely heavy. They can cause injury to you and damage to the machinery. If you end up with damaged machinery, you may face even costlier repairs to get it up and running again. Therefore be very careful if you are going to attempt to repair and rebuild your hydraulic system. This is a task that is best to do if you have a lot of experience with taking apart machinery and working with metal.

Safety precautions

Depending on your setup and on exactly what kind of machinery you are working with, the safety precautions you choose to use may vary. What you want to do is to secure your hydraulic cylinder, when you detach it, so that it will not fall. This might happen by means of a winch or by putting it on blocks. Whatever you do, make sure that it cannot move or roll, as this is a very heavy piece of equipment which can easily crush your fingers or hand.

When you take apart your hydraulic cylinder, you also need to be very careful of the safety of the piston. This is a simple piece of metal, but it is carefully calibrated to create exactly the ideal amount of pressure when it is released. Letting it get nicked or dinged, or even just letting it get dirt on it, is a very good way to make sure that your hydraulic system won’t work again without extremely expensive professional repairs.

Getting the right replacement parts

Don’t fall into the trap of believing all o-rings are created equal. Your specific machine’s hydraulic equipment has specific replacement parts, and they are not interchangeable with the o-rings and seals from a different brand or model. Look for the parts number on the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder. You can order the same parts number online or look for it at your local supplier. Without this number, you are gambling on whether you can find the right parts. And, of course, without the right parts you will not be able to get the appropriate pressure in the hydraulic system for your equipment to work.

Taking apart and replacing your hydraulic system

You can take apart your hydraulic system, replace the rubber gaskets and rings, and screw it all back together. You may need some knowledge of metalwork and welding to be able to create all the tools you need to get this done. It is well worth the effort, though. Your heavy equipment is expensive and it works hard for you. It deserves to be taken care of so that it can continue to work hard for many more years to come.