Industrial Equipment Electrical Diagnosis

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Industrial Equipment Electrical Diagnosis and Repair in Greater Sacramento, CA

When something goes wrong with a really big machine, it is easy to assume that it’s going to be a big problem too. When a bulldozer stops working, it is easy to look at something really big within the machine s the culprit of the problem. This was more or less an accurate way of looking at equipment diagnosis and repair in the past. Now, however, machines are a lot more sophisticated than they were in the past, and that means that they are more electronic.

When you have a sophisticated electronic system, there are infinitely more ways for things to go wrong, and the ways those things can go wrong are infinitely smaller. Instead of having a problem with a hydraulic cylinder, you might have a problem with a tiny bit of corrosion that is less than a millimeter thick. Diagnosing electrical problems can be really difficult, because it takes so long to figure out what the problem is with such intricate and tiny systems.

When thee problem with a machine is big, it takes five minutes to diagnose it and five hours to fix it. When the problem with a machine is tiny, meaning that it is an electrical problem, it takes five hours to diagnose it and five minutes to fix it. This often causes a lot of tension between technicians and customers, since customers expect to know immediately what is wrong with their vehicle or equipment, and then they are willing to wait for as long s it takes to fix it. Customers do not want to wait for hours without knowing what is wrong with their vehicle.

This is why it is so important for technicians to talk with customers about the importance of the electrical system in their vehicles or equipment. It might be silly to think that a tiny fleck of dirt can bring down a whole bulldozer, but it can. And in order to correctly diagnose and repair that bulldozer, the technicians must know the electrical system thoroughly and have the time to perform a correct diagnosis. After the diagnosis is done, it only takes a moment to fix something that is wrong with the electrical system.

On the other hand, if the customer or the boss expects the technician to make a quick diagnosis and then start repairing right away, the most likely result is that the technician will start basically throwing replacement parts at the bulldozer, hoping that something sticks and fixes the problem. If something does fix the problem, that does not mean that the underlying problem has been addressed. And, of course, it is still possible that nothing will fix the problem until the technician is able to go through and spend the five hours coming up with a correct diagnosis. At this point the customer’s money has been wasted, along with everyone’s time, and no one is happy.

For an accurate diagnosis and a positive service experience, such as the one you get at Pacific Coast Iron, give your technician space and time to make an accurate diagnosis of your equipment. You will be glad you did, when your valuable equipment is up and running as well as ever.