Industrial Tires and Rubber Tracks

Tire and Track Replacement Sacramento

Your tires and tracks are the part of your equipment that takes the most punishment, and it is the part that wears out the fastest. Just like with regular car tires, the more you use your heavy equipment tires, the faster they wear out. Unfortunately, with construction equipment tires, there are really big problems that you face if you let your tires get bald and worn out. If you are looking for a new set of Construction Equipment Tires in Sacramento, reach out to us and we can make it happen. We install and replace a wide variety of industrial tires, agricultural tires, and rubber tracks. We also specialize in a wide variety of McLaren Tracks, Solid Skid Steer Tires and Over The Tire Tracks. We partner with many manufacturers to bring the best prices and most affordable solutions for tire and track replacement in the greater Sacramento area.

With worn out tires on a construction job, you are putting your crew in danger. The tread on new tires helps to keep your equipment from slipping. It gives it traction, especially on a difficult and slippery terrain. If you don’t have good traction, your tires may end up slipping.

Industrial Equipment Tires

The problem with heavy equipment tires that slip is that you may end up putting your crew or your client’s property in danger. Construction equipment weighs a lot, and its stability depends on its tires being able to keep it where you put it, even if it is very muddy and even if it is on a slope. When you are driving around your heavy equipment and using it, too, you count on the machine staying where you want it to be instead of slipping unexpectedly. If you are not able to trust your construction equipment to be stable, this causes a lot of problems on your work site.

Another problem with worn out tires is that you are liable to be fined. There are certain restrictions in California on how much tread your tires need to have and other signs for whether the tires are worn out or not. If your tires do not meet the minimum requirements, you can be stuck with a hefty fine. You do not want to be spending business money unnecessarily simply because your equipment was not able to pass an inspection test.

High-Quality Industrial Tires and Rubber Tracks

When you let Pacific Coast Iron take care of your tires, you get to let go of worries about fines and safety. We will make sure that your equipment has the high quality, reliable tires you need to be able to keep working even in difficult situations. Whether you are renting equipment from Pacific Coast Iron or having us help you out with new tires on equipment you already own, we are here to help you with your construction equipment. We will go the extra mile to make sure you have the tires you need to be able to do the work you do.

There are many things that can go wrong with heavy equipment tires. The tread on the tires can get worn down, for one thing. When this happens, you aren’t able to get the traction you need on the surface you are working on. When you have heavy equipment lifting and moving heavy loads, that traction starts to matter a lot.

Another problem you can have with your tires is damage from sharp things. Heavy equipment tires are designed to be able to withstand just about any abuse you can throw at them. But at a certain point, there may be something that damages your tire. Getting a nail stuck straight into your tire or driving over a dangerous shard of glass are two ways that you could possibly end up with damaged tires, no matter how durable your tires are.

One of the most common forms of damage to your tires happens on the wall of the tire instead of on the tread surface. The tire wall is relatively thin, especially compared with tire tread. Therefore cuts and damage can cause major problems for your heavy equipment tires. You may also see weak spots emerging on the tire wall in the form of bubbles or bulging places. If you notice uneven or bulging spots in your tire side walls, you need to call Pacific Coast Iron immediately because that tire needs to be replaced ASAP.

When you need tire replacement on your heavy construction equipment, Pacific Coast Iron has the resources and service you need. Give us a call today and let us help you out with your new set of durable, high-quality tires on your worksite.